25. James Receives Hope in an Elevator


This is a short but sweet story.

So the other day, I was on my way to a voice lesson with Tim Howard. As I’m getting into the elevator to go to Ripley-Grier, the elevator closes on me and a stranger. I instinctively pull out my phone and pretend that I’m super cool and have millions of people to text so I have something to awkwardly pass the time. The stranger engages me in conversation.

Stranger: Are you a dancer?

(Well. It’s complicated. Cuz I am very self-conscious about calling myself a dancer. Cuz I can’t do tricks like a betch, but I dance and I tap. So. Well. Can I be on So You Think You Can Dance? No. But. Am I dancer? Yes. So..)

Me: Yes.
Stranger: Oh cool. I can tell. My sister is a dancer.
Me: Really? That’s awesome.
Stranger: Yeah.
Me: Where does she dance?
Stranger: Well she’s touring Africa right now, but she’s done a lot.
Me: Wow. Cool!
Stranger: Yeah. It’s hard man.
Me: Yeah, it is.
Stranger: I know, I’m a musician. So I know how hard it can be.
Me: Yeah.
Stranger: But don’t give up.
Me: I won’t.
Stranger: If you keep at it, you’re gonna win.

Then the elevator opened; shortest elevator ride ever.

I won’t forget you, kind stranger. Stranger is a rude word, I feel like, cuz it has the root “strange”. You weren’t strange. You were surprisingly kind. So. I won’t forget you, Kinder. Much better. Has the roots “kind” and “kin”.

Thanks, Brother.


Love where you are, but don’t you dare forget where you came from.

(Thank you everyone who has ever been nice to me. Ever.)


Loves You


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  1. Hi James. I’ve been a bad girl about reading your blog for a while, but I miss it. It’s so very upbeat and inspiring. I’m going through some tough stuff right now and reading this has already made me smile this morning. Thank you.

  2. What a wonderful story….you already are a winner Jamsie šŸ™‚ I miss our everyday conversations when we lived together, and I would very much like to make you chicken nuggets right now….and talk about winning šŸ™‚ LOVE YOU!

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