19. James Goes to Three Equity Auditions


Ok. So I gave the low-down of what it means to be equity (I think), but I’ll give a quick little review  if you haven’t read before today.

So here’s the hierarchy:

First comes Equity.
Then comes  EMC (Equity Membership Candidate… which means you’re earning points towards becoming an equity member)
Then comes non-equity.

So. This is how it goes down:

If auditions start at 10, the monitor will probably get there around 9. They will then put out the sign-up sheets. Equity members can choose a time slot they want, as long as they arrived early enough to sign  in and  they are far ahead  in the line. So then EMC members can  sign in and they get to be alternates, just in case an equity member doesn’t show up for their audition time. BUT equity members can also sign up for alternate slots so they can bump back the EMC alternates. THEN. There’s the non-equity list. So you sign up, depending on what time you arrived at the holding room. And after they get through all the equity alternates and all the EMC alternates, THEN they’ll see non-equity. Sometimes, they won’t be seeing non-equity at all, and they’ll tell you that when you arrive at the audition (when they find out). Sometimes, the lists will be so full  of equity and EMC that the monitor will tell you that they won’t get to see non-equity. But sometimes, you can leave your headshot and  resume. Sometimes you can’t. Sometimes, you can end up waiting all day to get seen, and they may never get to you.

So. If it’s something like an ECC (equity chorus call), they will have two different times for men and women. For example: they will see men at 10 and women at 2. Women should STILL get there at like 8 to get in line to sign the non-equity list. Because they will have the list out. BUT. Ok. Sometimes, the first non-equity person who arrives at the holding room will start an “Unofficial Non-Equity List”. And you can sign your name on this all you want. But yesterday, the monitor told us we should stop doing that because they cannot honor the unofficial list. SO. (But sometimes they will honor the unofficial list anyway.) SOSOSO. You should get to the holding room is, ask where the end of the line is (if it is unclear), and then wait for the monitor to arrive and put out the official non-equity list.

SO. After you sign your name on the official list, you should DEFINITELY go  to other auditions and sign up there as well. Because they may end up not seeing you at all at some auditions. Or they may tell you to check back later. I went to three equity auditions yesterday. If you’re already out, just GO.

SO. There’s this nifty little website called http://www.auditionupdate.com  It’s updated by other actors who are at the auditions and they can tell you what’s going. For example, they can tell you what number just got called, or if they’re seeing non-equity, or how many people are in the holding room.

It’s pretty awesome. But I saw someone be kind janktown at an audition the  other day.  This girl walked into the audition and asked where the end  of the EMC line was. The Mean Girl in front of me pointed her in the wrong direction, and then gave an evil smile to her friend next to  her. So. Beware.

Also: don’t ask the monitors questions that you don’t need to ask. Read the signs on the table first, and then if you can’t find what you’re looking for, ask the monitor. Unless the monitor is super personable.

So. I overuse the word “so.” SO?! Get used to  it, you so. hoe. get it? ew. kill me.

I went to three auditions yesterday:
Big Fish (ECC: Equity Chorus Call)
Jesus Christ Superstar (ECC)
Flashdance (EPA: Equity Principal Audition)

I got to Big Fish at like 8 am and I was the first one there. Cuz it was raining out. GO TO AUDITIONS DURING SHITTY WEATHER. Cuz other actors will be lazy. Do you wanna be hardcore? Then GRAB YOUR UMBRELLA AND WATERPROOF MASCARA, CUZ IT’S AUDITION DAY.

So I signed up when the monitor got there. Then I went across the street and signed my name on the Jesus Christ Superstar sheet. Then I went back  to Big Fish. They said they weren’t seeing non-eq men after all, but we were allowed to do  drop-offs (leaving a headshot and resume). So I did that. I went back to JSC, and they weren’t seeing men until 2. They didn’t know yet if they were seeing non-eq men. They said check back around 2. So I went down to Flashdance… there was hardly anybody there. I asked the monitor (who was SUPER friendly) if they were seeing non-equity. He told me that  they had already seen every non-eq person that had come in, so they would definitely see me. So I signed in, and I got to sing, like, 15 minutes later. Totes cool.

Then I went home. Ate like a model (took a big breath of air and ate some dust), and then I went back to JSC to see if I could get seen. No such luck.

But I did get seen once! And you have to  rejoice in the simple joys. I was so happy that I at least got to SEE somebody.

Cuz I wasn’t going to these auditions to get cast. I just want to show people that I’m hardcore. I want them to start to recognize  my face, cuz they see me so often. I want to prove to myself and them that I’m hardcore.


I’m going to an equity dance call next week CUZ I SAID SO. And I won’t chicken  out. Like I did today. But I’ll save the emotional stuff for another blog… after I get my fucking VAIO fixed. Brand fucking new and the spacebar is a piece of fuck.

Damn, I ALMOST made it through an entire blog without using the F word. At least it wasn’t the C word.




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