17. James Talks to a Stranger


These are all facts, which some times are more interesting than opinions.

I was walking to the gym the other day. I was about to walk past a boy, a girl and a boy who liked to live somewhere in between who kept saying to people walking by, “I’m a beautiful person.” But they kept walking and didn’t make eye contact. Then z said it to me:

Z: I’m a beautiful person.
Me: I trust you.
Z: (to his friends) Oh, he’s so nice!
Me: Thank you!
Z: What’s your name?
Me: I’m James. (sticks out hand)
Z: I’m Anthony. (shakes hand) 
Me: Nice to meet you.
Anthony: (referring to the McFlurry in his hand) Oh, this isn’t mine…
Me: Liar.
Girl: No, it’s the truth. It’s mine.
Me: Haha.
Anthony: Have a good night.
Me: You, too.
Anthony: You’re very sexy.
Me: (giggles) Thank you. 




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