16. James Suggests Book Requirements


Ok. So. In college, we learned the basic list of songs you should have in your book. They were as follows:

1. Contemporary Music Theatre Ballad
2. Contemporary Music Theatre Driving Up-tempo
3. Legitimate Music Theatre
4. Contemporary Pop-Rock (Theatre)
5. Real Pop-Rock
6. Comedy Song
7. Story Song
8. Sondheim Song
9. “You” Song
10. Charm Song.
11. Best 16 Bars/ Money Note

Ok. This was extremely helpful. But if you would like to be even more prepared, just in case you have some extra free time, here are some more suggestions that I think would be helpful.

1) I think you should have both a contemporary pop song and a contemporary rock song. Both would be helpful. Cuz if you have a pop song and you’re auditioning for a rock show, it would be most helpful if you sang a rock song. And vice versa. They’re different styles. Also having an uptempo and a ballad of each would be nice. But I would think of this contemporary as stuff that is currently on the radio. Something you like to sing. 🙂
2) A disco song. Priscilla Queen of the Desert asks for a disco song. And I think it would be helpful for other occasions as well.
3) A folk song. There was an audition the other day where they wanted a folk song… I haven’t a clue what mine would be.
4) 60’s rock. For Hair and/or Godspell.
5) 50’s/60’s pop for stuff like Jersey Boys etc.
6) Song from the 80’s: Rock of Ages.
7) Song from the 90’s. Couldn’t hurt. And maybe it’ll be a song from your youth and a song from their teenage years (they= people behind the table).

Also, when I moved here I wasn’t quite sure of how long my cuts should be. David, my roomie, said that he has never been asked to sing more than 16 bars. I would stay stick to 16. You can get away with 32 if it’s in cut-time. And you can get away with something a little longer than 16, as long as it’s quick. Make sure it’s just the same time length (approximately) as an average 16 bar piece.

I have been asked to sing a full song once. I sang a little more than 32 bars instead. They were ok with that. I was at an audition where they were asking girls to cut their pieces down to 8 bars cuz they were running out of time. But 16 bars is enough. And if they want more, they’ll ask for more. But if it’s short, at least they won’t ask you to shut the fuck up. (Sorry to any of my family who were grateful that I made it through a whole blog without swearing. It’s appropriate. It’s poetry for the 21st century.)

Again. These are my opinions. And I’ve only been here 3 months. If I am forced to eat my words later, I will do it publicly.

If you have something to say, please don’t hesitate. 🙂

My kisses come free.



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