15. James Makes A Routine


Ok.  So I have gone to 23 auditions or so by now. And for a musical audition. Here is my schedule:

Keep in mind, this is for when sign-in/auditions start at 10:00 am.

6:00 AM: Wake up. Warm up voice slowly with lip trills and humming. Make sure I’m on my breath. Shower.

6:30 AM: Eat a breakfast SANS dairy. Probably an apple with peanut butter.

6:45 AM: Make myself look pretty.

7:00 AM: Leave apartment. I live in Astoria, Queens. It takes me about 35 or 40 minutes to get to Times Square. Most auditions are near there. I give myself an hour to get anywhere.

8:00 AM: Arrive at audition. An unofficial sign-in sheet has probably already been started by the people who arrived before me. Most of the time, the monitors will honor this list. Sometimes they won’t. For example, Disney doesn’t honor the unofficial list. They will pull out a list when they get there and then it’s whoever gets to the list first. But when I get there at 8:00 AM, chances are I will be around #50 and I will be able to sing and get out of there by noon.

8:15 AM:  Continue to warm up my voice. Perhaps walk around the block and keep warming up. But since I have been warming it up slowly for hours, chances are I’m getting closer to being ready to sing.

9:45 AM: Wait for the monitor to come and give the schpeel about how auditions are going to go. They will usually tell you how many bars they need, and what they are looking for specifically. They will also tell you about how many people they expect to get through in an hour. Most likely, they will be able to see 30 people, 40 people if they’re quick.

I don’t really talk to people in the waiting room. But THEY. WILL. TALK. About everything. You will hear SO MUCH backdoor bragging in the holding room. All of the actors waiting to audition will casually talk about Mr. Bigshot that they know or Important Audition that they recently attended and NAILED.  I like the people who talk about auditions that they bombed. Cuz they have humility and a good sense of humor. All the other people who are sitting in their splits and talking about Equity lalala Final Callback lalalala. Blah. Shove your fingers down your throat. Hush your beave. Once I walked into a holding room and I hadn’t been there for 10 seconds before someone started talking about Cats. No joke.

But I don’t talk to people really cuz I’d like to focus. But you can usually eavesdrop on where other auditions are happening that day. Cuz you are already awake and up. And if you have your book on you, you might as well attend other auditions.

But I like to focus on my song and my intention and lalala. So I don’t really talk. I’m polite. But I don’t really have the energy to expend on making small talk.

So then I sing and head to another audition! Or I go home and binge eat! It all depends on how you feel. I say if you can go to an audition on a whim and be prepared, then GO. But if you are unprepared, don’t go. You will make an ass of yourself and you’ll feel like a terd.

Just my humble opinions.

“We’re waking up and right on time.”
~”Waking Up” by Onerepublic




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