12. James Goes to a Cattle Call


So I went to a huge cattle call audition for Beauty and the Beast national tour. Sign in started at 10:00 AM. I got there at 9:50; I was 161 on the list that they had already started. I woke up at 7 to be warmed up by 10:00. I talked to a guy who was 80th on the list; he got there at 7:45. I asked him, “How did you wake up early enough to be warmed up?” He said, “I didn’t. I signed up on the list and then walked around and hoped my voice would wake up.”

Hm. Ok. Smart.

Also smart: friends sign in their other friends. So then not EVERYONE needs to get there at the asscrack of dawn. And if your friend is running late, then you just put their name on the list so they’re not waiting all fucking day to be seen. Plus, if you do it for a friend once, next time they’ll do the same for you.

They were only supposed to be seeing guys this day. But a lot of girls showed up cuz they couldn’t attend the following day for the girls’ audition.

They were trying to get through 50 people every hour.

That wasn’t happening.

So. They had to cut it down. They told girls to come back tomorrow or they could only sing 8 bars today. They said guys had to sing a strict 16 bar cut. Mine was like 24 bars but it was cut time. Still I was freaking out.

But before I went into the room, I talked to people. 🙂 WIN. The guy I was sitting next to knew a bunch of people from UWSP. And then this girl and guy on the floor went to Oklahoma so they knew Brian Cowing! Such a small world! And then I ran into someone else I had seen at a previous audition.  What are the chances!

So. Back to the audition. People started crossing their names off the list cuz they didn’t want to wait for whatever reason. SO. I crossed off my name and inserted it into one of the slots of the crossed-off names. WIN. I moved up by like 50 people. (NOTE: DO NOT DO THIS. I found out that this is bad. So don’t do it. Naughty James. Sexy, Naughty James)

So finally it’s my turn. The audition was at Pearl Studios. They warned us not to over-sing cuz the room already has amazing acoustics. I shan’t divulge my audition song, but it was a baritone song. (It was about 16 seconds). So. I go in, they ask what I’m singing, I tell them. I sing. It goes really well. The room has beautiful acoustics. T’hey’re pointing to stuff on my resume as I’m singing. Afterwards, they’re pleased. They say, “Wow. ‘That was great. Beautiful.” And I said, “THANKS!” and ran out of the room.

So. Lesson: make sure they have nothing more to say.

But the point is: I represented myself well. I represented my school well. They may not have anything for me right now, but they will remember me next time (hopefully). And if they see me enough, they will remember me and (hopefully) will think of me next time they have something I’m perfect for.

As a side note, I ran to another audition afterwards. Cuz you can do that; run to two auditions in one day. But they were only seeing equity. And the equity actors at this audition were so rude to me. And I’m not make a generalization, but I am saying, “Um, HELLUR?! You were once a lowly peon like myself. So don’t treat me like an inferior; we are the same.”

Step off, bitch. We’re on the same team.



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