11. James Takes a Voice Lesson


I’M SO SORRY! I actually have so much to say but I got so side-tracked!

So. Voice lessons are expensive out here. I have friends who take lessons from teachers who charge $120-$150. And they can’t play piano well. Cuz if you want someone to play piano well, then you hire a pianist to run through your songs with you once. OY. BUT. I got lucky cuz Alex told me about this guy who lives like 10 blocks from me and he only charges $60 an hour. THAT’S NICE. So I went. It was good. He’s a good singer. He’s an amazing tenor. But I think he’s pretty fresh out of college. And I think I would rather have someone who has been practicing voice for a long time, cuz I’m paranoid about my voice.  He was trying to help me out with something and he said it 1,000,000 different ways and I still kept fucking it up. So. Maybe it’s me. But to be sure, I’m gonna try someone else. My manager suggested this woman who charges $60 an hour. Otherwise, David swears by his voice teacher. And I would LOVE to see her but that’s… $120 an hour. That means I could only see her once a month. Hell, now I can only afford a $60/hr voice lesson once per month.

But the money/budget thing is for another blog.

Perhaps this next one.



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