10. James Takes Dance Class


So. I went to Broadway Dance Center. I will surely try out Steps as well. It’s a bit …costly?:

10 class card that lasts 1 month: $150 ($15 per class)
5 class card that lasts 2 weeks: $75 (same per class)

So.  Once I figure… once I make it on the B’way, I’ll be able to afford taking dance classes all the time. So. At least I have a realistic game plan in mind.

BDC is 45th st between 8th and 9th.

My plan was to take a Beginner Contemporary class at 9:30, Basic Ballet at 12:00 and Advanced Beginner at 6:15. But whenI got there, I had to get a new card and everything. (You get this little red card that represents you and your account. They scan it whenever you come in to sign up for classes.) They suggest you get there 30 minutes before the class so you can make sure you get into the class. Kaylee (my roomie) suggests 45 minutes early. After signing up, I only had about 15 minutes to warm up so I decided not to take that contemporary class. BUT. One of my tap shoes is missing a screw. So I asked one of the dudes at the front desk where I could find a tap shoe screw. He told me about Vasili’s Shoe Repair (on 51st between 7th and 8th Ave). He said they repair B’way shoes. AH. I shall be B’way status and see Vasili. Sam Vasili.

So I went. It was awesome. He had a tap screw. It cost me $3. And he screwed it in for me. WIN.

OH. So when I went in to BDC in the morning, I reserved a spot in the two later classes. (You can and should do that.) So I went back and took my Ballet class. They have locker rooms at BDC, but I think you need to be VIP to use them. But that’s ok, cuz everyone brings their stuff into the class and puts it against the wall. I wore tight black jazz pants and a black v-neck. I need to buy tights though, cuz I’m hardcore. And the hardcore people were wearing tights. And Jeannie told me that it’s better to be over-dressed rather than underdressed. I agree. OH. And Kaylee sewed my ballet shoes for me last night. Super kind.

Ballet was kinda rough. Yes, it was basics. But I felt like I was drunk; I was so wobbly. It has been a while since I did ballet. (The class was 90 minutes.) We did a lot of stuff at the barre. And then we put them away and I felt even more wasted. I didn’t know how to move, I felt like. And then we were doing sautees (jumps), and the teach called me out for being an elephant. After I did my 16 changements, I looked up and she was frowning at me. She said, “Too loud. You’re not that big. You can be quiet.” And then she made me do them for the class. But alas, I was still being loud cuz I could’t figure out how to roll through my feet. I was just BOOM BOOM BOOM into my heels. She made someone else do it for me, but I still couldn’t get it. I practiced them in my apartment later but I was still BOOMBOOMBOOM. I shan’t give up. Oh, and we did a lot of relevees (um, standing on your tip-toes? for those who are unfamilsies with ballet). And I felt like my achilles was funna ‘SPLODE. The nice nice teacher (Dorit Koppel, HIGHLY recommended, by Kaylee and myself) said we should do relevees every day. She said doing them once a week is like eating once a week; not good enough. So. Another thing to practice in my room. OH. And I don’t really understand 4th position AT ALL. I always feel supes totes awkward. So Kaylee helped me with it on the subway, and I got a deeper plie out of it! YAY.

THEN. TAP. So the teacher was ill, so we had a sub. SUPER HOT. He was white and thug. But he had these WHITE tap shoes with a red heart on the back of each shoe. The class was challenging. I must have had scared face on cuz he came up to me while we were all practicing and he said, “You alright?” “Yes,” I said. I got my ass-kicked a bit but by the end of the class, I had pretty much conquered the rudiments. HaHA. I was/AM so proud of myself. And then on the subway home, Kaylee and I tapped all the way home. It made the subway ride go super fast. And barely ANYONE was bothered that we were tapping. I think a lot of people didn’t notice. But I am going to practice these tap routines cuz they was HARDDDDDDDDD. OH. I learned how to do a double wing today! It’s like a wing, but you do a flap before you land. I think I got a couple, but it will still take some work.

It made me want to dance all day every day. But um. I can’t afford that. YET. But the thing is, I share my room. And I was thinking of getting my own room when my lease runs out here.. but I would rather share my room and take dance class every week. And voice lessons every week. I’m always hanging out in the kitchen anyway. All I do in my room is sleep. So. I think I’ll share a room for a while.

“But James, what if you have a boy over?”

…then I’ll tell Kaylee to close her eyes. I’m just kidding. Right now, that really doesn’t seem like a problem for me. And I don’t  want to pay more money for the possibility of a boyfriend. And I think dance class makes me happy. I know dance class and voice lessons and acting class makes me happy. Those are things I can control. I work, I make money, I pay for dance class, I take dance class, I reap benefits of dance class: better technique, more winning and increased happiness. Where is the guarantee in a boyfriend?

I choose James.

Thanks, Miss Sara. I still have 3 more dance classes left on my card! For your info, I plan on taking jazz, modern and contemporary. … and ballet and tap and music theatre….

man, I’m gonna have to start hookering.


…if I worked at a strip club, could I count that as “dance training” on my resume?



“You’re alright. There’s nothing wrong. Self-sufficience, please! And get to work. And if you complain once more, you’ll met an army of me.”
~”Army of Me” by Bjork



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