6. James Gets a Callback


This one is going to be short.

I search for auditions on Backstage.com (which costs money; membership fee), and I search on Playbill.com (FREE!) So. I saw an audition for Little Women. I think I’m right for the part of Laurie. So. I followed the instructions, and I emailed my headshot/resume and asked for an audition appointment.

I received an email response yesterday saying they would like to see me for Laurie. They sent me the audition sides and a cutting of the song “Take a Chance On Me”. (Here it is, for those who are unfamiliar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Txah1JmFOts ) If you know the story, Laurie sings this song to Jo.

So. It’s kind of a callback, though I never auditioned. It’s handled like a callback. It’s at a theatre called The Secret Theatre, which is in Long Island City which is REALLY close to where I live. Oh, and it says “professional pay”.

Naturally, I’m getting my hopes up. But alas, even if I don’t get the part, who cares, this blog is entitled “James Gets a Callback”. Which is what I’m SUPER excited for.

I also have another audition coming up: I have an appointment with Roxy Regional Theatre in November. Here is their season list:
I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change (musical)
The Winter’s Tale (Shakespeare)
The Red Badge of Courage (novel-turned-play)
Spring Awakening (musical)
Schoolhouse Rock, Live! (musical)
The Wedding Singer (musical)
Happy Days: a new musical (based on the TV show)

So. Here’s to hoping!




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  1. So I want to hear about how your Monday audish went … and YES win that season of shows! When is that audition? And do you need a Shakespeare monologue cause I’m in Shakespeare class right now and I can e-mail you the list our teacher sent out of all the male monologues.

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