5. Jamesy Gets a Manager


OK. Let me first explain the difference between a manager and an agent:

A manager manages your career. They help plan what path you should take in order to reach a certain goal. They take 15% of your earnings. They help you get auditions by submitting your headshot/resume for roles they think you’d be right for. When they get you an audition, they will call afterwards to see how you fared in the audition. They also might ask why you didn’t get the role, which is extremely helpful.

An agent is pretty similar. But they only take 10%. You can have an agent and a manager. You usually end up shelling out 25% of all your earnings. It makes the most sense to have both an agent and a manager when you are a big deal.

For both of them, you remove your contact information from the top of your resume. So. I remove my phone number and email address and replace it with my manger’s. Make sensies?

Ok. So now for my story.

So. I went to school with David. He was two years ahead of me. We were friends, but we weren’t super close. He is represented now by Rochelle Shulman. My senior year, my graduating class came out to NYC to perform a senior showcase. (Singers, for the most part, sang two songs and did a monologue. Actors did two monologues.) We performed our showcase several times for several groups of people including agents, managers, casting directors. So. Rochelle Shulman was in one of those groups. And she asked David before the showcase, “Is there anyone I should watch out for?” And he gave her my name. SUPER nice, considering as how David had no obligations to me.

So. We did our showcase, and afterward I received her business card; I was told she was interested. So I called her when I got home to Wisconsin after the showcase trip. We talked, and she told me to call her when I moved to NY. That was in May, and I told her I wouldn’t be out there until late August.

So I arrived here on September 2, and I called her a week later. I sent her my headshot and resume.

…she couldn’t remember me.

(All the more proof that you should move out to NYC as soon as possible.)

So she asked for anything on YouTube. I sent her “Dispensable”, and thankfully, she liked it. We set up a meeting for me to sing for her:

Shelley: So are you free tomorrow at 11?
Me: Yes, I am.
Shelley: And can you sing for me?

(F! 11 am singing means that I have to wake up at 7 am and start vocalizing immediately)

Shelley: Great. Two contrasting songs. 32 bars.

So. I apologized to my current roommate, Kaylee, a million times. (We share a room. And the second my alarm clock went out, I was humming and lip-trilling.)

So I woke up at 7 in the morning and I SANGSANGSANG. I went into my kitchen, opened the window from the top, stood on a chair and vocalized out the window.

Listen, I don’t know physics very well, but in my mind, singing out the window was a great idea; I figured less sound would be bouncing around the apartment.

So I vocalized, yaddayaddayadda. Left the apartment for my audition.

I forgot to brush my teeth.

James, you nasty bitch.

Good thing I had tea.

I somehow convinced myself that scalding hot tea would disinfect my foul-ass mouth, and I moved on.

I arrived at her apartment, and we talked for a bit. She told me some improvements for my resume. (For example, she wanted me to put my vocal range on my resume. Like “Belt to ____, Falsetto to _____”. Just, fyi y’all.

She asked me what roles on the B’way I thought I could currently play. I told her. She agreed. She asked me to sing. I got up and sang. It went well. She was pleased. She wanted to sign me.


So then she said:

Shelley: Do you have any questions for me?
Me: No, not at this moment.
Shelley: Ok, well here are some questions you should have for me. You should ask me if I represent anyone like you.
Me: …do you?
Shelley: No. I don’t do that. I don’t think it’s fair. I only take on one type of each person. I have someone similar to you, but he is older and has a different vocal range.
Me: Ok.
Shelley: You should ask how many people I represent.
Me: …how many people do you represent?
Shelley: About 30 adults and 15 kids.

So. It went well. I told her I thought I was right for Book of Mormon and she totally agreed. YAHTZEE!

So. I signed. Now I have to get onto a website called http://www.actorsaccess.com because that’s where she does all her submitting and stuff.

Aaaaaaaaand I have a callback Thursday. But I’ll put that up in the next blog.

“Two kinds of people in this world: some say yes and some say no.”
~”Let It Sing” from Violet




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